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Szabolcs Horváth

When a far-right group staged a rally in Szabolcs’ hometown of Devecser, Hungary he was shocked to see that one of the loudest of those shouting racist remarks about the Roma community was a childhood friend, a man he’d eaten and drunk with just days earlier. The 2012 march has left Szabolcs fearing for his children’s futures.

Szabolcs was one of many in the Roma community who were targeted by a far-right anti-Roma march in their hometown of Devecser, Hungary, in 2012. His friendships with non-Roma locals were negatively affected after the demonstration, having formerly celebrated birthdays and played football together, as many took part in the march. The residual impact of the demonstration caused fear that left many, including children, needing psychological support. Szabolcs has three sons and has been trading in second hand goods for 20 years.

“I was born Hungarian. I feel Hungarian. Why is it because of the colour of my skin that they hate me?”

Szabolcs Horváth

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