Extreme dialogue equips young people to challenge extremism. It provides a starting point and a guided way of navigating core themes and questions around extremism using films, educational resources and training.

It can be hard for practitioners to find the right words to tackle the subject of extremism constructively with young people.

But having these conversations in a right way is an opportunity for young people to learn important life lessons that can enhance their futures.

The Extreme Dialogue project is a groundbreaking and engaging way of opening up conversations about identity, difference and prejudice - and how they relate to extremism.

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All Extreme Dialogue project materials are available for free here on our website. Anyone can use them, whether in the classroom, a community group or beyond.

Stories and Prezis

Stories and Prezis

Educational Resources

Educational Resources



The downloadable resources are all modular and are informed by more than 20 years of research and experience in managing global and community conflict.


Filmed testimonials that form the starting point for the Extreme Dialogue project that tell real-life stories about the realities of hate and radicalisation.

The films put faces and names to a range of experiences of extremism and marginalisation. They also provide positive and thought-provoking opportunities for starting conversations with young people about their own perspectives on the topic.

Extreme Dialogue provides a framework for identifying core values and allows peers to constructively challenge opposing ideas.

Project Partnerships

Extreme Dialogue is a partnership between global counter-extremism organisation ISD (Institute for Strategic Dialogue), educational charity the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, and filmmakers Duckrabbit.

Local Partnerships

Extreme Dialogue in Europe is supported by partners West London Initiative in the UK, Cultures Interactive in Germany and Political Capital in Hungary.

With support from: