Daniel Gallant

Daniel was recruited at 19 to an anti-Semitic extremist organisation. He now recognises that the physical abuse he suffered in childhood at the hands of his stepfather taught him that violence and hate were the only means of gaining respect.

Daniel Gallant was brought up in a transient family plagued with addictions and domestic violence issues. He left home at the age of twelve. He sought refuge from homelessness on First Nations Reserves (Saulteau & West Moberly First Nations) where his kohkum (Cree for grandma) lived. He then spent a two years within juvenile detention centres, followed by five years of living on the streets in East Vancouver.

Daniel was recruited into right wing extremist network. For years, Daniel engaged in violence on the streets and effectively recruited many people into extremism. Notably, Daniel recruited a since twice convicted extremist who intended to target minorities in a bombing plot. Since his time in the right wing movement, Daniel Gallant has made significant changes that are often referred to as profound.

Daniel is a registered social worker in British Columbia. He completed a masters degree. His research is the first known auto‐ethno‐graphy of a de‐radicalized violent extremist. For several years Daniel worked as a counsellor and front line worker in human services. As he progressed with personal and professional development he has supported non‐profit societies and engaged in pro‐bono work across Canada as a counsellor, advocate and resource for those affected by violent extremism, including victims/survivors, families and radicalized individuals.

As a law graduate and new member of the Law Society of British Columbia, he plans to practice law with a focus on matters related to violent extremism, child protection, human rights, hate speech, and for victims of violence. Daniel has been published by a variety of universities, literary journals and most recently commissioned to publish a paper on right wing extremism by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

If you would like to get in contact with Daniel you can reach him here.

“I got addicted to the power of beating someone and just not stopping.”

Daniel Gallant

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