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In 1989, L.A.M, the Montreal Antifascist League, was born. This youth-led group formed as a direct response to violent far-right movements in the region. Junior was L.A.M’s spokesperson, and this is his story.

Junior participated in the creation of L.A.M in the 1990’s. During a concert one night he and his friends had to protect themselves against neo-Nazis, and the group realised it could fight back. The League began to grow and train themselves, doing security for other events. Calls went out to attack skinheads and violence escalated.

In this interview, Junior reflects on those days, the choices they made and what he would do differently now. To learn more, search for Junior’s book “Poseurs ? Scalpeurs de skins de la L.A.M.”.

“It reached a crazy level of violence.”


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