Our evaluation process is intended to identify programme strengths, weaknesses, challenges and best practices to guide future implementation and expansion of Extreme Dialogue. We use a mixed methods approach whereby quantitative and qualitative data together provide measures of project impact, as well as essential information regarding the conditions that either contribute or detract from the success of Extreme Dialogue in the classroom.

The impact of the project upon pupils is evaluated using two types of feedback forms, filled in before and after the first and last sessions respectively. The experience of practitioners using the Extreme Dialogue resources is assessed through an hour-long phone interview.

If you are interested in working with us to evaluate the impact of Extreme Dialogue in your school please get in touch via info@extremedialogue.org.

Student Feedback Forms

Teacher Feedback Forms

Calgary Pilot

This pilot project was implemented at The Foundations for the Future Charter Academy in Calgary, Canada in 2016. The session facilitator was a social studies teacher, who went through the story of Daniel Gallant with 137 pupils (three classes) over the course of a term. The age range of those taught was between 13-17 years old (grades 9-12). Prior to the sessions, the teacher attended a half day training session in June 2015.


Pilot Summary