Daniel Gallant

Daniel Gallant describes the emotional impact of an unsettled and abusive childhood, and his later descent into violent white-supremacist groups.



Interview I

Daniel Gallant provides a rare insight into the recruitment tactics, inner-workings and ideological convictions of white-supremacist groups in Canada.

Interview II

Daniel Gallant discusses his experiences during his decade long membership of white-supremacist groups and why he then decided to leave.

Interview III

Daniel Gallant describes the difficulties of leaving white-supremacist groups and what support might encourage others to take the same step.

More About Daniel

Daniel Gallant is a Registered Social Worker, researcher, writer and Director of Exit Canada. He was born in northern Alberta and has resided in three provinces throughout Canada, but has made BC his home. Daniel advocates on matters relating to child welfare, violent extremism and systemic racism.

Through Exit Canada Daniel undertakes interventions with new recruits to extremist groups and supports others to exit violent extremism. Daniel also works with young people impacted negatively by violent extremism and other social issues, sharing his experience with honesty and vulnerability in order to demonstrate that violence does not resolve personal issues and that there is a life after hate.

If you would like to get in contact with Daniel you can reach him here.

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