Christianne Boudreau

Christianne Boudreau opens up about the death of her son Damian, who was killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria in January 2014.



Inteview I

Christianne elaborates on Damian’s childhood, his conversion to Islam and the events that surrounded his eventual radicalisation.

Inteview II

Christianne offers her advice to other parents concerned about radicalisation and, with the benefit of hindsight, identifies the potential warning signs that were missed.

Inteview III

Christianne reveals the devastating impact that Damian’s decisions have had on her and her family, and the questions that remain unanswered following his death.

More About Chris

Following the death of her son Damian in Syria, Christianne Boudreau pledged to speak out about the recruitment and radicalization of young people in Calgary and across Canada. Christianne wished to highlight the severity of the problem and to promote solutions to the influence well-organized recruiters can have on young people.

She made contact with a mother in France who had suffered the same trauma and met with Hayat Germany, a group which networks with community resources and gives practical support to families to assist with deradicalization. Christianne is currently involved in a fundraising effort in order to establish Hayat Canada and is also helping to form an international mothers’ organization for those whose children have fallen prey to violent extremism.

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