Adam Deen

Adam explains how he came to join an extreme Islamist group at university, and the decision he eventually made to leave and channel his experiences into steering young people away from extremism and violence.


More about Adam

Adam Deen was formerly a senior member of the now-banned Islamist extremist organisation, al-Muhajiroun, but later became disillusioned with his extremist beliefs and is now dedicated to countering extremism and the ideology he once subscribed to.

In 2012, Adam founded the Deen Institute to foster critical thinking skills among young Muslims and increase awareness of Islam’s rich intellectual heritage. He has since spoken at over 40 university campuses across the UK, debating with prominent academics on issues surrounding religious philosophy and theology. In 2015, Adam joined the Quilliam Foundation as Senior Researcher & Head of Outreach and currently leads on outreach to higher education through the #RightToDebate campaign.

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